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Deaf Education – School for the Deaf or Regular School?

A group of deaf kids using body hearing aids

Since I started my formal education at the age of 7 in a school for the deaf in Russia, I wanted to publish the article today to celebrate Knowledge Day, the day when the school year traditionally starts in all schools in Russia and many other former Soviet republics annually on September 1st. It is also the First Bell for the incoming class of first graders. Around the USA, the start dates of school year vary based on regions – in some areas it already started a few weeks ago while in other areas will start next week.

Deafness Is Not a Barrier to Learning Foreign Languages

Hellos in 7 different languages in speech bubbles
My family has a library – most books are in Russian, our native language, but there are some books in English and French. As a deaf person, I access most information via text. So I liked browsing through those books when younger. Russian books were not hard for me to read, though some were advanced for my age. However, books in English and French were impossible for me to understand as they had those mysterious Latin characters that I was trying to decipher.

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