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Svetlana signing in front of audience

Do you want to make your audio, videos, podcasts, webinars, events, classes, work meetings accessible, but not sure how?

Are you overwhelmed with trying to figure out which communication access options to offer to deaf people?

Do you want to learn about best practices for making your media and live events accessible?

Audio Accessibility provides customized consulting services to organizations.

Typical assignments include but are not limited to:

  • Providing your organization with deafness awareness workshops to help you better understand the communication needs and abilities of people with various degrees of deafness and improve your targeted marketing to this 20% of the US population;
  • Speaking at your events or conferences to give your attendees an opportunity to better understand about deaf and hard of hearing people by listening to presentations by the experienced deaf consultant and getting firsthand information from her;
  • Improving the scope and impact of your online media efforts via good quality captions and transcripts;
  • Improving the quality of communication access services for your classes, webinars, work meetings, and events with real-time captioning, sign language interpreting, cued speech transliteration, oral interpreting, notetaking.

Check testimonials about our past consulting services and speaking engagements.

Who are the clients we service:

  • Media Producers (podcasts, videos, webinars):
    Many videos on corporate and educational websites are not captioned. Many YouTube videos have auto captioning feature turned on which is not of acceptable quality. So we provide deafness awareness workshops, training on captioning best practices, quality check on videos that have been captioned. If needed, our subcontractors can also provide captioning and transcribing services to you.
  • Event organizers:
    We educate event organizers about making their events more meaningful to deaf and hard of hearing attendees by providing them a two-hour workshop. Additionally, we help them with setting and arranging good quality communication access services (captioning and interpreting) to improve effectiveness of the events. Event accessibility is not limited to just deaf or hard of hearing people – you need also to consider overall event accessibility strategy before planning an event. Svetlana can provide you with event accessibility consulting services to help you make your event planning go smoothly from start to finish.
  • Corporations:
    We educate executive offices about making their products and services more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing customers by providing them with an initial two-hour consulting session with follow up sessions when needed.
  • Employers:
    We educate EEO directors and department managers about making their work environment friendly to deaf and hard of hearing employees by providing them a two-hour workshop on increasing productivity and communication.
  • Educators:
    We educate university disability office directors, university EEO directors, and professors about making the educational process more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing students, employees, and visitors by providing them a two-hour workshop.
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