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TEDx Talk – High Quality Captions and ROI

Above is an YouTube recording of Sveta’s talk about high quality captions and ROI at TEDxFultonStreet in New York City in summer of 2018.

The video has same language captions in English and subtitles-translations in other languages (so far in Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch). A full text transcript is also posted below with visual description for those who cannot see the video or prefer to skim text. The transcript is complementary, not a replacement to video captions.

Want to learn more about captioning access? Want to hire Sveta to provide consulting services to your organization on how to improve experience of captioning access or to speak at your event? Contact us.

Full text transcript with visual description

(Visual description: Video starts with a slide saying: “TEDxFultonStreet x=independently organized TED event.” Then transitions into a slide with an image of “Yes or No” with arrows showing they are interchanged. Then transitions to a recording of Sveta signing on a stage with a slide behind her saying: “Svetlana Kouznetsova, Accessibility Expert.”)

Sveta voiced by a sign language interpreter: 

“If you create video and audio content or host events, there are two reasons to care about providing high quality, same language captioning and transcription. The first is obvious, that there are millions of people like myself, who get accessibility through captions. But another reason is that you will reach a much larger audience and increase your return on investment.”

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