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Top 3 Smartphone Examples That Are Deaf-Friendly

3 mobile phones resting on a table, one showing video with captions, one showing notepad, one showing text messages.

As a deaf person, I find my iPhone (or any smartphone in general) an amazing universal gadget that benefits everyone regardless of abilities. I would like to share the top 3 things about a smartphone that puts me on a level playing field with my hearing peers. It is especially important when it comes to Christmas and holidays in general because many deaf and hard of hearing people often feel left out due to the lack of communication and information access to media and at social gatherings.

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Amtrak Accessibility Issues for Deaf Travelers

I went to present at a conference in Massachusetts last month and took train there via Amtrak. While I like traveling, I often experience communication and information access issues on trains like I do during air travels. Many deaf and hard of hearing travelers share same frustrations.

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