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Posts tagged as “phone”

My Experience with Apple as a Deaf Person

I have been an Apple user for as long as I can remember. My first computer was a desktop Mac that I got in the late 90s. My first laptop was PC, but eventually I switched to a MacBook. My first phone was Sidekick, then Blackberry, but eventually I ended up with an iPhone. My first tablet was an iPad. I haven’t switched to an Apple Watch yet – I’m still using an analog watch, haha. So most of my devices are from Apple.

Telecommunications – Going Backwards?

Even though I am not a fan of phone relay services and prefer emailing or texting or instant messaging to communicate to people directly, I appreciate the ability to make phone calls via any type of those services that I wrote about in my last post. However, I got an email message from Sorenson that made me and many others get upset because that organization decided to discontinue their text relay services (SIP Relay) while keeping Video Relay Services (VRS).

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