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Are Speech Technologies and AI Replacements to Human Captioners?

A screen filled with code in front and a female doll is behind it

I attended an event about speech technologies a month ago to which I was invited by an organizer who assumed that I wouldn’t need a live CART human captioner to follow panelists and a sign language interpreter for a networking part (that I asked her for) – despite her knowing me for many years as an experienced accessibility consultant, a book author, a public speaker, and seeing me use human communication access service providers at events.

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RIT/NTID – Deafness Is Not Equal to Sign Language

As an RIT alumna, I would like share with you the following articles about communication access issues at RIT/NTID to better understand that I was not the only oral deaf student who was frustrated there. I find it sad that NTID still forces oral and cueing deaf students at RIT to learn sign language.

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“We Want the Joys of Communicating in Many Ways”

Those are Harry Lang’s words quoted by I. King Jordan at his presentation during the recent ALDA/TDI conference in New Mexico. Communication is not limited to spoken languages only – it can happen in other ways such as via captioning, sign language, cued speech, lipreading, paper/pen, typing, Braille, etc.

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