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My 18th “Hearing” Birthday with a Cochlear Implant

A right hand holding a Harmony BTE in silver color

Today is the 18th anniversary of my cochlear implant activation. My friend jokingly told me that my implant is now considered an “adult”. It seems like just yesterday when I was browsing brochures about cochlear implants and not being sure if it’s a right decision for me to get one. It’s impossible to summarize my 18 years experience into one article, so I’m highlighting important parts.

Is Hearing Device a Magic Wand?

When looking at people using hearing devices (hearing aids and cochlear implants), don’t assume that they can hear and understand everything. It’s not like wearing eyeglasses that gives you 20/20 vision – even eyeglasses are not beneficial to people who are blind or have some severe eye sight problems.

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