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The 2017 Year in Review

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Another year is coming to an end. I wanted to share some highlights of this year.

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of American Sign Language as well as foundation of American School for the Deaf, the first school for the deaf in USA, and New York School for the Deaf. You can learn more about ASL history.

A list of articles I wrote for Audio Accessibility in 2017:

You can also check out videos on Audio Accessibility Vimeo page.

Other highlights of the year included: Mandy Harvey (a profoundly deaf singer) winning America’s Got Talent, a deaf girl with hearing aids being featured in GAP Kids advertisement, transparent masks for deaf patients and medical professionals, Wonderstruck movie featuring a deaf actress, two deaf men running for political positions, collaboration of Apple and Cochlear Corporation for iPhone compatible sound processor, a deaf woman participating in Xploration Station, Deaflympics in Samsun, Cochlear releasing a new off-ear processor Kanso, and many other news.

I also wrote new articles in Russian, did a survey on captioning access in Russia, and published the results. Sadly, captioning access in Russia still leaves a lot to be desired. They even plan to cut down captioning access on TV in 2018!

As the founder of Audio Accessibility, I provide consulting and training to organizations on how to make their aural information (podcasts, videos, events, aural announcements, and so on) accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people. I’m also an author of a book, Sound Is Not Enough.

Does your organization want
to be on Santa’s Nice List in 2018?

Make ALL aural information accessible via good quality captioning and other types of communication access services.

This will increase your market share and improve your bottom line.

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Wishing you and yours a wonderful holidays and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

Looking forward to working with you in 2018!

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