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Deaf Lawyers, Dancers, Reporters

There have been several events in the past few months where deaf and hard of hearing people showed to the world that they can do anything as long as communication access services are provided to help them become successful.

Yesterday was a historic day for people with hearing loss who practice law. There are about 250-300 of them in the USA. On that day, 13 deaf and hard of hearing attorneys were sworn into the bar of Supreme Court of the USA. It was not the first time that an attorney was admitted to the SCOTUS bar, but it was the first time that such a large group of attorneys with hearing loss were sworn into the bar. The ceremony was accessible via both live captioning (for those who don’t know or understand sign language) and sign language interpreters (for those who use ASL for communication) to meet various hearing and communication needs of attendees. I have a pleasure knowing some of those attorneys and am glad that deafness didn’t prevent them from studying and practicing law.

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