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Videos for Valentine’s Day

Love does not care if you have hearing or not, and it also does not care if you can communicate verbally. I would like to show three videos to demonstrate that. Enjoy the videos and Happy Valentine’s Day!

SIGNS Short Film by Patrick Hughes

The video is about a guy communicating through a window with a girl working in a building across the street. It was a Cannes Gold Lion Winner in 2009.

Love Language by Jubilee Project

The video shows a hearing boy communicating with a deaf girl via written notes.

Quiet Signs of Love Trailer by Ikonfilm

A trailer for the short film by Ikonfilm about two young people – one deaf and the other hearing – and a love that transcends their differences. It is captioned and voiced in English and signed in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). To see the full film in two parts, check a National Relay Service page.

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