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Cued Speech – Too Oral for Signers and Too Visual for Oralists?

Many know that deaf/hoh people use spoken, written, and/or signed languages, but only a very few are aware about cued language. There’s a lot of misconception around that communication mode.

Why is Cued Speech not well accepted even in either signing or oral deaf communities? Since it’s based on phonemes of a spoken language, many signing Deaf people think that it is biased towards a spoken language. Many strict oralists dismiss any visual languages (signed or cued) – even though Cued Speech fully eliminates the guesswork in speechreading (that gives only 30% of visual information) and greatly improves pronunciation skills. Also, Cued Speech is a new communication mode that was created in 1960s by Dr. Cornett – compared to signed and written languages that have been around for centuries.

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