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Captioning Consulting Services

Why proper formatting and readability matter: 

Imagine publishing a book without the expertise of an editor and a designer. Even the most brilliant writers need their books edited and designed to appear professional and easy to read.
The same principle applies to captioning and transcribing your media and events. Not all transcribers are created equal, just as not all authors possess the skills of professional editors and designers.
Hiring the best captioner or transcriber is essential, but accuracy alone does not guarantee a fully accessible experience.
Proper formatting plays a pivotal role in improving readability, ensuring that your content is universally understood and appreciated by all audiences.
Additionally, the experience of deaf individuals with text readability differs from those with good hearing. Deaf individuals rely solely on written words to comprehend information, underscoring the critical role of proper formatting in conveying meaning accurately. That’s why it’s crucial to work with experts who not only possess technical knowledge but also understand the complexities of formatting and the unique needs of the deaf community.
At Audio Accessibility, we recognize the significance of optimal accessibility for your media and events. That’s why organizations like yours choose to partner with our experienced deaf consultant. Our deaf consultant collaborates with you to ensure the highest level of accessibility for all users, considering the diverse needs of your audience.


Human expertise vs. automated speech technologies:

While automated speech technologies have come a long way, they still fall short in nuanced formatting.
At Audio Accessibility, led by a deaf consultant, we provide unparalleled expertise in proper formatting, especially for formal media and events.
There are 3 types of speech to text access to media and events:
  • Audio/podcast transcripts
  • Video captions/transcripts
  • Live captions
It’s possible to create transcripts and captions yourself for your personal videos, podcasts, and various audio files. However, it’s strongly advised that they are outsourced to an experienced specialist for formal media and events. They can make your captions and transcripts look more professional and be universally understood. 
Captioning is an art. It requires a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with quality guidelines and best practices and can produce the optimal experience of captioning access.


We provide the following services:

  • Captioning Consulting: Working closely with media and event producers, we offer expert guidance on captioning and transcription best practices, ensuring your content meets the highest accessibility standards.
  • Training Services: Our comprehensive training equips your team with the knowledge and skills required to create captions and transcripts that are professional and easily understood.
  • Quality Checks and Formatting: Whether you’ve done the work in-house or outsourced it, our meticulous review and editing process guarantee the proper formatting of transcripts and captions for optimal readability.


The role of a deaf consultant:

Having a deaf consultant on board is pivotal for several reasons:
  • First and foremost, it ensures that your content is not only professionally formatted but also designed with the lived experience of a deaf individual in mind. Our consultant acts as a bridge, bringing their invaluable insights into the process to create content that is both inclusive and engaging.
  • Furthermore, when planning events, adhering to the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) for interpreters and captioners is crucial. Our deaf consultant guides event organizers in ensuring that providers follow the CPC, fostering accountability, responsibility, and trust for deaf and hard of hearing attendees.


Live captions vs. video captions:

Our deaf consultant can advise you on properly converting raw transcripts of live captions into video captions and transcripts for post-event recordings. With this expertise, you can seamlessly deliver accessible content in both live and recorded formats.


Optimizing event accessibility:

At Audio Accessibility, we understand that event accessibility is more than just hiring captioning or interpreting vendors. Our services extend beyond service providers – we offer comprehensive consultation on event accessibility logistics. We ensure your event website and recordings are accessible to everyone, long before the event planning even begins.


Contact us today:

Enhance the accessibility of your media and events with our specialized captioning consulting services. Partner with Audio Accessibility to ensure your content is professionally formatted, inclusive, and universally understood.
Contact us now, and let’s work together to deliver an exceptional and inviting experience for all audiences.
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