When a deaf or hard of hearing person attends an event, what is the best communication access service for them? Should they be provided with ASL/CS/oral interpreters or CART writers or ALD? Not all of them have same needs, and even one particular service is not fit for all situations. It is advised to ask a deaf/hoh person first about their preferences for communication access and vendors (if they know of any) before figuring out and arranging the services.

As a deaf person, I usually ask an event organizer for more details to determine if it’s mostly lecture-based or if it is mostly discussions or if it is both. Since I was raised oral using spoken languages (Russian and English), reading real time captioning is more natural for me than using sign language interpreters when just listening to presentations with little or no involvement in any discussions or social parts of the event. I have limited listening abilities to benefit from ALDs (more about it explained later) and also have limited lipreading abilities to be able to participate in conversations (especially group conversations or with someone who is hard to lipread) without a sign language interpreter.

It depends on a type of an event where a deaf or hard of hearing person would need live captioning or interpreting services or both or some other type of communication access services.

If you want to learn more about how to make your events accessible,

check out the book
(it has a full chapter with more information on this)

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contact us for detailed consulting services, training sessions, workshops
(not every event/class/meeting is same and it also depends on needs of a deaf person).